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 Singles Boards are being run with the

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Attention: Host Locations, APA Members and Tournament Directors
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About APA National Singles Championship

 To be held April 2018*

This event offers five Skill Level Tiers: Blue Tier (SL2&3), Yellow Tier (SL4), Red Tier (SL5), Orange (SL6) and Purple Tier (SL7). The champion in each tier of this event receives $15,000 in cash and prizes. Total purse for this event is over $300,000.

Qualifying Sessions: Jan. 1 - June 15, Season 1 Qualifier Window - Winners advance to Fall Regionals in October. June 16 - Nov. 30, Season 2 Qualifier Window - Winners advance to Spring Regionals in March.



Competition is played on 3 ½’ X 7' Valley tables with the Aramith Premier 2 ¼” ball set, using a modified single elimination format that allows every person the opportunity to play at least twice before being eliminated. All nationally qualified players receive free lodging (single occupancy) and travel assistance, compliments of the APA. Players in these events compete in Skill Level Tiers, and competition is open to both men and women, who compete head-to-head.

*Event dates are subject to change.


Qualifying for Singles Championships

APA members who are currently playing on an active 8-Ball or 9-Ball team, and have attained at least 10 League match scores during the past two years in their respective format(s), are eligible to participate in the National Singles Program. At the Local Level, APA members compete on a Local Qualifier Board consisting of four to eight members with one player advancing on to regional competition. The local entry fee for this competition starts at $20**, and there is no limit on qualifying attempts. Qualifier Board winners advance to the Regional and National Levels with no additional entry fee. At the Local Level, Qualifier Boards are open to players of all skill levels. Board winners advance regionally and nationally to one of five Skill Level Tiers that corresponds with their skill level in 8-Ball of three Skill Level Tiers that corresponds with their skill level in 9-Ball. The Singles Program also utilizes the Equalizer® handicap system.

**Local entry starts at $20 per person, based on an 8-person board. Boards other than an 8-person board may vary in cost.


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